Friday, 16 October 2009

1/32 Venom NF.3

The Venom is finished!!!!!!! This was my first 1/32 kit and I think it has not turned out to bad. The only thing I added to the model were the Aeroclub ejection seats which have incredible amount of detail. This kit is crying out for some super detailing although it is not to shabby out of the box.

B-17F Memphis Belle finished!!

Just a few images of the completed model. This is a big model once it is built and painted it really does look the part. I lost motivation for this model just after I had finished painting it and it was left on my shelf for quite some time. After sitting staring at every time I did some modelling, I finally decide it was time to crack on with it. A couple of minutes into finishing it I was wondering why I had put it aside in the first place! It just goes to show that sometimes if it isn't going to well or your just not enjoying your model just relax put the model aside and do something different.